Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Installation and Operating Instructions BMW E36 and E46 3 Series BMW E39 5 Pdf

This manual contains important information as well as DANGERs, WARNINGs and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONs regarding the proper installation, effective use and maintenance of the SCHROTH harnessbelt. Please be sure to read and thoroughly understand its contents before beginning installation and before using the system. Follow all instructions and Safety Instructions carefully and be especially sure to heed all Dangers and Warnings. Always keep this manual in your car for reference and be sure to leave it with the car if you sell it with the harness belt system installed. With the purchase of this SCHROTH asm harnessbelt, you have chosen a sophisticated restraint system, which represents a further advance in harness restraint technology. Extensive research, testing and field experience has shown it to offer, when properly installed and worn, high levels of protection in head-on collisions. SCHROTH BMW specific asm-Rallye 4 Series harnessbelts are only intended for installation at the left and right outboard front seating positions of designated BMW and MINI model passenger cars which have been specifically evaluated by SCHROTH engineers for anchor point locations and suitability of available front seats. Before attempting installation, please first answer the following questions and carefully follow the instructions which accompany them.

Download free Installation and Operating Instructions BMW E36 and E46 3 Series BMW E39 5.PDF

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