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BMW 325Ci - 330Ci Owners Manual for the Vehicle.Pdf

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Technology that monitors itself
Many of the systems of your BMW monitor themselves automatically, both during engine starts and while you are driving. Indicator and warning lamps that are identified by ” l ” are tested for proper functioning whenever the ignition key is turned. They each light up once for different periods of time. If a fault should occur in one of these systems, the corresponding lamp does not go out after the engine is started, or it lights up while the vehicle is moving. You will see how to react to this below.

The key to security

Your BMW is equipped with a passive anti–theft system. This electronic immobilization system is designed to reduce the susceptibility of the vehicle to theft by making it impossible to start the engine using any means other than the special keys furnished with the vehicle. Your BMW center can cancel the electronic system authorization for individual keys (in the event of loss, for instance). A deactivated key can no longer be used to start the engine.

Content :

- Overview :

Cockpit 16
Instrument cluster 18
Indicator and warning lamp
Multifunction steering whe
(MFL) 24
Hazard warning flashers 2
Warning triangle 25
First-aid kit 25
Refueling 26
Fuel specifications 27
Tire inflation pressure 27

- Controls and features :

Opening and closing:
Keys 32
Electronic vehicle
immobilizer 33
Central locking system 34
Opening and closing – from the
outside 34
Opening and closing – from the
inside 38
Luggage compartment lid 39
Luggage compartment 40
Alarm system 42
Electric power windows 44
The manual convertible top 45
The fully automatic convertible
top 48
Wind deflector 50

Seats 52
Seat and mirror memory 56
Steering wheel 57
Mirrors 57
Car Memory, Key Memory 59

Passenger safety systems:
Safety belts 60
Airbags 61
Transporting children safely 64
Rollover protection system 67


Steering/Ignition lock 69
Starting the engine 69
Switching off the engine 70
Parking brake 71
Manual transmission 72
Automatic transmission with
Steptronic 73
Turn signal indicator/Headlamp
flasher 76
Washer/Wiper system 76
Rear window defroster 78
Cruise control 79
Everything under control:
Odometer 81
Tachometer 81
Energy Control 81
Fuel temperature gauge 82
Coolant temperature gauge 82
Service Interval Display 82
Check Control 83
Computer 83
Technology for driving comfort

and safety:
Park Distance Control (PDC) 87
Automatic Stability Control plus
Traction (ASC+T) 88
Dynamic Stability Control
(DSC) 89
Tire Pressure Control (RDC) 91

- Operation, care and maintenance
- Repairs
- Advanced technology
- Technical data

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