Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1994 Toyota Celica Door Locks Power pdf

All doors can be locked or unlocked simultaneously using either front door. Turning driver-side door lock once will unlock driver-side door only, twice will unlock all doors. Door locks can be controlled by switches on driver-side or passenger-side doors within vehicle, or by operating each door lock with key or lock knob. Front door(s) cannot be manually locked when key is in ignition switch.

NOTE: For connector terminal identification, see WIRING DIAGRAM.
Door Courtesy Switch Locate door courtesy switch in each door, next to power door lock assembly. Ensure continuity exists between terminal(s) and switch body with switch pin released (switch ON). Ensure no continuity exists between terminal(s) and switch body with switch pin pushed in (switch OFF). If continuity is not as specified, replace switch and retest system.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ford Focus Zetec manual

Appearing in local showrooms in 2002, the
first series Focus attracted lots of comment
with its cutting edge look. Now there’s an all
new second generation, and while it retains
some of the original’s design cues its styling is
definitely more restrained. Buyers will have a
choice between five door hatch and four door
sedan, the three door not coming our way this
time. Major improvements include a more
powerful 2.0litre Duratec engine fitted to all
models plus additional standard safety
features. Across the board price reductions
over the LR series will give buyers some
added incentive to check out the newcomer.

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“Roomy” is an easy tag to apply to the
Focus. Substantially wider and longer than the
previous model, there is excellent space front
and rear. In fact the car makes you question
what is a small car these days? In a practical
departure from most new cars the glovebox
can take a full size street directory and have
room left over. This makes up for the narrow
front door pockets and small centre armrest
compartment. While there aren’t any rear door
pockets, small moulded trays next to the seat
look after your knick knacks. Large and heavy,
the rear hatch opens quite high, in fact you
need to be a bit careful with it. Once open it
can require a bit of muscle to get back down.
The good thing is it gives great access to the
large boot area. Another plus is the 60:40 split
rear seat which folds completely flat for big
loads, and you can do it without removing the
rear head restraints. Great when you’re in a
hurry.Ford Focus Zetec manual

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Writing a Resume and Cover Letter.Pdf

EmploymentObjectiveThis feature gives focus and direction to your resume, and anchors it to other elements of the document. This should clearly state the type of position you are seeking and how your career goals benefit the employer.

List your education using reverse chronological order with the highest degree attained listed first. List the degree earned, graduation date, name of the institution, and major/minor areas of study. If your GPA is a 3.0 or above, you may wish to include it. You may choose to list some courses you took that support your career objective...

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